Who We Are

Mesmerised - the name that had been playing on Roshidah's mind since the first time she came across soy candles while on a holiday in Australia in 2010.  Having always been a candle lover, she was mesmerised by the beautiful, alluring scent.  Needless to say, she bought lots of them to try out and then came the idea of selling her them.

2013 marked the begining of her journey starting Mesmerised
Soy Candles & Home Fragrance.  Roshidah sourced soy candles that have been lovingly handpoured in Australia and sold them in fairs, pop up shops and Facebook.  She faced tough challenges educating her customers on the benefits of soy candles but it wasn't long before she had repeat customers.  

With the support of the customers, Roshidah decided to branch out to bring in accessories which also function as decorative items to compliment the soy candles and home fragrances that she is selling.

May 2014,
Mesmerised Home & Lifestyle was born and today, Mesmerised is proud to share things they are passionate about. 

The rest of the story has yet to be written but the path they follow is a path of passion for their products and services and they look forward to sharing this journey with their customers.





Our Philosophy


At Mesmerised, we understand the value of your

time therefore, our online shop is just a click away. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy your shopping experience

with us. Your orders will be delivered right to your


We endeavour to deliver quality products to match

our highest standard of service at all times.