Handpoured Soy Melts by Mesmerised have been created using quality non-toxic soy wax carefully blended with invigorating and intense aromas from quality fragrance oils.

Suitable for use with electric or tealight oil burner/melter.

Enjoy up to 20hours of aroma per melt.

Available in 2 sizes :
2 Pcs/Pk - up to 40 hours fragrance time @ SGD 16.00
5 Pcs/Pk - up to 100 hours fragrance time @ SGD 35.00

Weight :
2pcs/pk - approx 80g
5pcs/pk - approx 200gm

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Soy Melts African Blossom

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  • Soy Melts Fragrance - beautiful, intense mesmerising scents African Blossom - Brings top notes of shea blossom and peach nectar, gently leading into Floral notes of Honeysuckle, White Lily and grounding bottom notes of cocoa butter & tonka bean.