I remember getting excited when I was invited to an Indian's friend's house for Diwali for the first time. The first thing I noticed when I arrived outside her house was the beautiful and colourful kolam design at her doorstep welcoming guests. The intricate design of the Kolam will put anyone in awe. Purely drawn by hand using coloured rice flour. No stencil. The Kolam at my friend's house was drawn by her mother and here in Singapore, it is drawn to celebrate Diwali. It is thought to bring prosperity.

i also can't help but noticed the line of tealights along the corridor leading to her doorstep. The flame from the tealights and the kolam made the spirit of Diwali came to live.

I enjoyed my time spent with my friend and her family learning their culture and getting to know them. Not to mention the good food spread out for all the guests to enjoy. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I treasure.

As the Hindus are counting down to Diwali celebration, we have come up with a few beautifully scented, limited edition Soy Tealights. Place them within the beautiful Kolam to enhance the colour and design or simply line them up along the pathway or corridor leading to your door. Breathtaking!

These tealights come in limited quantities. Click here to find out the scents they are available in.

Mesmerised Soy Tealights

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