If you enjoy taking baths, we have news for you.

I have launched my range of bath bombs today. Each contains Pure Essential Oils for their therapeutic properties, grapeseed oils to moisturise the skin and epsom salt for it's soothing property.

The benefits of essentials oils are well known and there are many ways to apply. One of them is to add few drops into your bath. I chose to add them in our bath bombs which eventually be used in a bath.

The Bliss! range of bath bombs come in 5 scents. Why Bliss!? we heard you ask.

Personally, it's a feeling I experience when I take warm baths to destress and energise. Light up a few candles, put on my favourite music and lie back in my warm bath. Only those who enjoy taking baths will understand this feeling.

Following are the 5 scents that we carry at this moment. Rest assured we will come up with more wonderful scents soon.

Relaxing Lavender - soak in the many goodness of the rich lavender.

Uplifitng Frankincense - anti-againg and stress reliever. Helps to destress

Soothing Grapefruit - sooth and refresh, giving you healthy skin

Reviving Eucalyptus & Peppermint - while eucalyptus fights against bacterial infection, ease tension and anxiety, Peppermint helps relieve mental fatique, mood uplifting and energising

Revitalising Lemongrass - relieves stress and muscle pains

Where can you get them? Our bath bombs are now available at the following :

Chillax Market

200 Turf Club Road

#03-07 The Grandstand


Happy Lifestyle Boutique

91B Jalan Bukit Indah (opposite Aeon)



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