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For those of who don’t know me, I’m Roshidah and I am the owner of Mesmerised Home & Lifestyle. I live in Johor with my husband and 2 cats and we spend lots of time planting herbs and fruit trees in our garden and find joy tending to them. This lifestyle allows me to relax and have more time doing research about using all things natural.

I am now officially “an all things natural” convert, and becoming so has brought me immense satisfaction and fulfilment.

My original passion for natural products started in 2013 when I was researching soy candles. This soon led me into the business of importing and selling Australian made soy candles using 100% natural soy wax. As amazing as these candles were, it didn’t take me long to realise the logistical costs of importing these products would make them prohibitively expensive, not to mention the price competition from lesser blended wax candles from China that were being sold much cheaper.

I was at a crossroads - should I start buying from China and follow the herd or do I continue importing from Australia and struggle to make ends meet!? Well I chose neither and instead of compromising my principles on quality and full knowledge of the sources of my raw materials I chose instead to compete by embarking down the path of producing my own products locally.

This decision, albeit tough at times with a steep learning curve, has given me the greatest satisfaction in knowing that what I’m producing is 100% natural without toxins. These ingredients include 100% natural soy wax, lead free cotton wicks and highest quality essential oils.

At about the same time, I suffered from Nummular Eczema, and would be prescribed steroids that only provided temporary relief. The physical discomfort and mental distress that it would bring was not pleasant at all. There are many common stories out there about people with sensitive skin or immune systems, who have been unable to find permanent, satisfactory medical solutions.

This was what pushed me to explore natural alternatives like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, raw brown sugar, shea butter and Himalayan salt. 2 and half years later, I am proud to say that my eczema has never returned!

Since then, I have begun to trust in the benefits of natural alternatives and have embarked on my journey to bring these alternatives to the consumers. Friends, professional masseurs and masseuses have fallen in love with the quality of my products like Bath Bombs and Body Scrubs; 100% natural and organic ingredients!

My journey has brought me to infuse natural ingredients into daily items around the house and garden. I’ve learnt so much about creating products that do not contain any harsh chemicals, are not harmful to the environment nor to myself or others or my family...which include my pets and plants!

As individuals it is often easy to overlook and disregard the impact our actions have on our environment and on Mother Earth. It is indeed the sum of our individual actions that will decide whether the Earth will continue to deteriorate or head towards sustainability.

If you want to enjoy the wonderful benefits of organic and natural products for yourself and your family, you can head to my website, which also includes a list of locations and outlets selling them in Malaysia and Singapore. Products may also be ordered directly online.

To my wonderful readers, here’s offering you a 15% discount code for your next online purchase through my website. Enter “FOLLOWMYJOURNEY” during checkout!

With love,


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