For the women in our lives, each one is different in her own way. Whether she’s an animal lover, the adrenaline junkie, the tech gadget geek, the nurturer or the ambitious corporate gangster, we all want them to feel loved in their own way!

Some might like lavish gifts, while some prefer practical gifts. Nonetheless, the best way to get the perfect gift is to have a think about what she would appreciate. We’ve come up with some gift ideas that you can consider to get the perfect gift for your perfect someone.

What’s the Occasion?

It could be her birthday or an anniversary of sorts. Birthday gifts or anniversary gifts can be personal gifts that convey personal meaning and well wishes, or they could sway toward the lavish side if you want to pamper your sayang.


There are both aesthetic and functional aspects to this gift. Does she like to dress to impress? Does she need some accessories for a party or a work event? Or has she worn her other jewellery pieces to death? There are small pieces that work for the #minimalist woman and also statement pieces that raise the bar for their #fashion game.

Beauty Products!

This year, we’ve seen many brands of makeup, skin care and body care pop up - from designer brands, to hippie brands that boast the wholesomeness of chemical free products. Personally, I’m all for organic products. The best way to care, nourish and pamper her is to go #natural! (Check out our Natural Salt Scrubs!).

Find out what her favourite brand is, or what has she been wanting to get for ages! If she’s been worrying about things lately...then you know that she needs some TLC (tender-loving-care) to de-stress.

TLC - Relaxing Massage!

Pamper her from head to toe! This one is a winner for me. There are home massage/facial services now available at a click of the mouse or a phone call away. Give her a surprise.

Book her a relaxing massage or facial at the spa or in the comfort of her own bedroom. By the time the massage or facial is over, she will be refreshed and ready for that evening night out.

Food, Oh Delicious Food!

So they say, food is the way into a woman’s heart. If your special lady has a sweet tooth, then you definitely can’t go wrong with decadent desserts and artisanal chocolates! Even a reservation at that restaurant that she’s been dying to go to sounds like the perfect surprise. But always remember, it’s the thought that counts. Who knows? She might even love a quiet day out in the park with homemade picnic spread.

Make it yourself!

If you’re still out of ideas…consider making something from scratch! Your special lady will love and appreciate the dedication and hard work that you’ve put in to impress her. Remember, every woman is #unique! Find out what she likes and what she needs, and start your brainstorming from there to get the perfect gift for her.

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