Simple yet stylish décor tips for your home!

Whether you’re living in a 4-room HDB flat, condominium or a 2 storey landed property, we know that you’re always looking to create that perfect home space that you can come back to every day to relax and recharge. We’ve compiled some of our favourite home decor ideas that can also double as housewarming gift ideas! Have a look and share it with your friends if you see anything that catches your eye!

indoor garden

Indoor Gardens!

I absolutely adore plants and love to see how people are able to incorporate nature into their homes as much as they can. Ferns, Cacti or herbs are good options to choose from as they can thrive in spaces around our homes. Don’t forget to give them some TLC and let them enjoy sunlight whenever they need. Definitely a go-to gift idea for anyone who needs a little nature greenery in their homes.



Interestingly, although these baskets might look rough around the edges, they actually compliment

Bamboo Baskets

the homely ambience. What’s more, they add some vintage #vibes! Use them for everything - from storing newspapers, vegetables, toys, ornamental products and maybe even some (not so smelly) laundry.

(Check out our own range of Baskets here!)

Scented Soy Candles!

Scented Candles

Scented soy candles are so popular these days as they add fragrance and a homely vibe to people’s homes! These are also popular gift ideas as they are simple, thoughtful and practical. Different aromas create different ambience and if they are scented with essential oils, will give out therapeutic benefits. Popular scents that are good for relieving anxiety and stress include jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.

If you’re getting scented candles as a housewarming gift, be sure to check what aromas your friend prefers, as different people feel differently about the various scents. Some people can be particularly fussy and picky about the types of scents they enjoy. Check out our Soy Candles here.

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