Bliss Bath Bombs

Generally speaking, bath bombs are not commonly used in Singapore and Malaysia for the simple reason that most dwellings do not have a bath tub. For those without a bathtub the occasion to use a bath bomb would be when away on holiday in a hotel. This has led to some of my customers asking if bath bombs can be used for anything else in the absence of a bath tub.

Well thankfully there are alternative uses and you don’t need to go on a holiday for it. The most common alternative use is the good old fashioned foot soak, something that can be enjoyed anytime and basically all you need is a bucket or basin, warm water, the bath bomb and of course your feet. Voila!!.

Simply fill a basin/bucket with warm water, cut the bath bomb into halves and drop one half into the basin/bucket. Wrap up the other half with a cling-wrap and store it in an airtight container. Soak your feet for 15mins letting the essential oil used in our bath bomb drain away the aches and stresses of the day.

Whilst treating your feet to a luxury spa, take the opportunity to clean your toe nails by scrubbing them with a nail brush or a wash cloth. Your feet will emerge clean & feeling soft and refreshed afterwards. Do ensure you dry your soles thoroughly before stepping out of the bucket as the oil from the bath bomb could be slippery! It is so easy to prepare and is so rewarding as you pamper those tired feet of yours.

How I used bath bomb as a foot soak.

There is another great idea that I got from one of my customers in Malaysia whose house has no bath tub. She was keen to try out my bath bombs to de-stress and relax herself after having given birth 5 months prior. The sleepless nights coupled with managing two older children aged 4 and 6 have left her feeling somewhat burnt out and badly in need of her “me-time”.

She had asked me several questions about my bath bombs and ended up buying some. I was however quite curious as to how she used them so I called her two weeks later to find out. Who would have thought that it could be as traditional as it gets.

She said "I filled up a bucket with warm water, dropped a bath bomb in it and used a scooper to pour that water all over my body". Well, talk about making do with what one has and where there’s a will, there is always a way. She loves how the scent of the essential oil relaxed her mind, while the Epsom salt soothed her tired muscles and the coconut oil softened her skin, but for her, the best part was when the bath bomb dispersed it’s colour and scent while fizzing and spinning in the bucket.

Her answers above have already answered the next question I was going to pose and that is, why would you use a bath bomb and not bath salts?

I’m often finding myself being pleasantly surprised with the creativity of some of my customers and how they use and enjoy my products.

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