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Rilla Melati, host of TV talkshow Rudy & Rilla, visited Flare Wellness' booth at the Green Living Exhibition on 11th September @ Marina Bay Sands.

Here is her take on our Red Velvet Soy Candle (in Malay)


Video courtesy of Flare Wellness.

Testimonials on

Soy Candles & Home Fragrance

Julie Testimonial

"The whole house smells good. Love it so much". - Julie

Este Testimonial

"Buy those Red Velvets & Tiger Lilies. Divine....I love those candles". - Este

Sham Testimonial

"Thank you Roshidah Ismail Mesmerised HomeLifestyle, my girls & I r loving d scent of your Aroma Reed Diffuser, Tiger Lily & Coastal Waters, in our home..InsyaAllah will try others in future " - Shammy MK

Testimonial Farrah

"SMELLS GooooooooD......!!!! "Bought this wonderful Diffuser for the room from Mesmerised HomeLifestyle!! It's absolutely Lovely and the smell really fills the room....!!" - Farrah Sabina Planning to get grab more as they are having sale now GSS!!!! Oh and they have really yummy Soy candle melts......!!!"

Testimonial Wenny Shi

"Setting up the mood for ....LOVE? Almost right! Setting up the mood for meditation. Best with toxic-free, lead-free Soy Candles by Mesmerised" - Wenny Shi

Testimonial Catherine

After using the Lemongrass Salt Bath, my skin feels so smooth and soft. I find the dead skin on my knee cap improving as well. The scent of lemongrass is so soothing, it leaves you a fresh feeling." - Catherine Chua

Yani Lime & Sandalwood1.jpg

Thank you Mesmerised Home. This wonderful Lime & Sandalwood tealight absolutely works for my sleep. - Yani Amer

Yani Amer Eucalyptus_Peppermint.jpg

"The Soy tealights from Mesmerised Home is a must have. I dare say it's the best!!" - Yani Amer

Michelle Tiger Lily.jpg

"Burning the beautiful scents of Mesmerised Lifestyle in the office today. Loving Tiger Lily." - Michelle McFarlane

Testimonial Amy.png

Another testimony on African Blossom Soy Candle

Testimonial Janice.jpg

Testimony on a whole range of Mesmerised Soy Candles and Soy Melts

Testimonial Sally.jpg

Our customer's raves on Greentea Lemongrass and Grapefruit Soy Candles

Testimonial Salina.png

Another customer happy with our Greentea Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Testimonial Donna.png

Testimony on Eucalyptus & Peppermint Soy Candle

Awesome review on our bath bombs and other amazing organic products carried by Flare Wellness from Hollywood Celebritiy make-up artist and now Corporate Global Trainer from Youngblood Cosmetics, Daniel Cezon Chavez.


Video courtesy of Flare Wellness.

Testimonials on

Bliss! Body & Bath Products

Jennifer Lim Testimonial

"Love this deodorant. It's terrific and doesn't stain your clothes". - Jennifer Lim

Anna Testimonial

"I'm very pleased with the deodorant. Excellent product". - Anna Magyer

Testimonial Nurlela Bath Bomb

"The best to pamper one's skin and to relax from the rat race of the working world & the journey of motherhood". - Nurlela

Nurlela Testimonial

"I love these bath bombs. I'd recommend for a relaxation session. The moisturising effect is so good". - Nurlela

Testimonies Michelle & Nora on Bath Bombs

"I just loved your bath bomb, I would love to get some more. My skin feIt great and I felt very relaxed" - Michelle McFarlane "My son enjoy the most of this bath bomb. Specially after his busy sports day weekend" - Elnora P. D. Graves


I started using it from day one and luving it. Not only does it keeps me odourless the whole day, best thing is, I no longer have to worry abt putting toxic chemicals on my skin. I also notice that my underarm skin has lighten slightly. - Meilyn Sunar

Siti Nuraidah

"Love the Deodorant! Doesn't give out any funny smell from the armpit!" - Siti Nuraidah

Testimonials Jade Zen

"I have been trying to find a natural deodorant for myself. Thankful that I found this! Why? Firstly because it prevent odour, it doesn't stain my shirts and most importantly it's natural and does not contain any chemicals. Thank you" - Jade Zen

Testimonial Eina

"#tb Much love with eucalpytus & peppermint bathbomb from Roshidah Ismail Mesmerised HomeLifestyle. Had a good warm bath soak & it refreshed my tired body after a long journey to KL & shopping whole day! Thanx.. i'm loving it babe!" - Eina

Testimonial Tulip

"I absolutely love your bath bomb Grapefruit. It worked like a charm after a long tiring day. I'm already looking forward to trying out the Eucalyptus & Peppermint bath bomb tonight". - Tulip

Testimonial Shasha

I absolutely love the refreshing coffee smell... Smells delicious! It works great as a skin polish. It leaves the skin soft and thoroughly moisturised, not greasy at all. I definitely notice that my skin appears smoother and more supple. The yummy scent lasts almost throughout the day. Love it!" - Shasha

Testimonial Catherine

After using the Lemongrass Salt Bath, my skin feels so smooth and soft. I find the dead skin on my knee cap improving as well. The scent of lemongrass is so soothing, it leaves you a fresh feeling." - Catherine Chua